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We are looking for a Public Relations Specialist at our Middletown, CT headquarters. This person will write press releases, develop media contacts, and coordinate Christians Alliance (CA) public relations initiatives.


This position has a time requirement of approximately 8 hours per week.


Responsibilities include:

  • Developing and implementing a national public relations strategy, including developing a reporting system to analyze success of various public relations activities.

  • Coordinating public relations events and interacting with vendors to ensure efficient and effective impact of promotion/event.

  • Complete oversight of assigned projects, including working with volunteers and troubleshooting.

  • Developing and maintaining media contacts and pitching media for story placement, as well as responding to media inquiries or media crisis situations.

  • Utilizing public relations activities to support CA’s donation and volunteer recruitment efforts.

  • Building CA identity and company awareness, as well as provide positive public relations for helping CA Workshops to build company credibility.

  • Work with media to attend CA Workshops. This will include providing on-site workshop participation to media regarding interviews and press passes.

  • Work with Volunteer Coordinator to plan project and event volunteer needs.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Journalism, or related field.

  • Two to three years experience in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations or similar field.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

  • Ability to write press releases and other forms of communication documents such as articles for newsletters.

  • Ability to conduct presentations with exceptional business skills.

  • Strong creative writing and proofreading skills.

  • Demonstrated ability to successfully pitch news stories and/or press releases to media.

  • Ability to plan, organize and implement special events.

  • Ability to work as a team player, including motivating other volunteer team members.

  • Ability to maintain multiple database files.

  • Strong planning, organizing, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

  • Ability to meet deadlines and to be detail-oriented.


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