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Christians Alliance is looking for people to utilize their personal and organizational skills to facilitate our Guest Speaker program in their area. You can play a key role in spreading the message and vision of Christians Alliance.


As Guest Speaker Coordinator, you will have the opportunity to build important relationships between Christians Alliance, its Guest Speakers, and the local community. 


This position has a time requirement of approximately 8 hours per week.


Responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting a stable of speakers from various Christian organizations that can promote the
    idea and benefits of a unified Christian community.

  • Coordinating Guest Speakers’ schedules.

  • Notifying Guest Speakers of speaking opportunities.

  • Coordinating events for Speakers including confirming dates with venue and Speaker,
    restocking Speaker’s supply of print and/or other materials as needed



  • Excellent organizational skills.

  • Knowledge of and respect for churches being served.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Bachelor’s degree or experience in Communications, Marketing or related field preferred.


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